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Varietal Vins de Pays wines

These wines are made exclusively from a single grape variety or from the blending of 2 varieties, shown on the label. When only one variety is mentioned , the wine is guaranteed to have been made exclusively using that variety , despite the fact that the European legislation allows a percentage of 85 %.

There are thousands of grape varieties planted throughout the world. All varieties which are suitable for vinification belong to the ‘Vitis Vinifera’ family. Different varieties produce specific grapes and therefore different wines.
The conditions of production of Vins de Pays are set by regulation, the maximum authorised yield for red and rosés wines is 85 Hl and 90 Hl for whites.

Some varieties are very rich in primary aromas (directly linked to the grape). These varieties are vinified in a way which preserves their aromatic characteristics. Other varieties have interesting secondary aromas which will evolve during the wine-making process itself.
Vinification unleashes the aromatic potential which is ‘hidden’ in these grapes in the form of ‘preliminary aromas’. Some of these may evolve favourably overtime, as the wine matures , producing very interesting bouquets.

The production of varietal Vins de Pays wines is constantly increasing, now accounting for nearly 40 % of the total declared production. The most famous  classifications are the two regional classifications Vins de Pays d’Oc and Vin de Pays du Jardin de la France. There is however, a large number of departmental and local classifications.

The regions producing Vins de Pays wines are blessed with a great diversity of ‘terroir’ that is to say soils and climates… This diversity is reflected in the aromatic expression and the tasting characteristics of the various French Vins de Pays wines produced in the different wine regions.        
You might enjoy looking for them and identifying them !

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