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 About Us

What is Vins de Pays


- Procedure of accreditation

All French wine producers are required to declare their harvest and the quantity of wine produced. As far as Vins de Pays wines are concerned, and for each designation, they indicate the colour of the wine, the surface and its corresponding volume.

They submit an application for accreditation  to OPA ,the professional body designated by the public authorities , or , in the absence of OPA, to ONIVINS (Public organisation), before 31st July following the year of harvest. This application must be supported by a completed analysis report. ONIVINS is responsible for taking samples for analysis.

The Vins de Pays wines must finally be submitted for tasting (accreditation of Vins de Pays) by the OPA which will decide if the wines presented deserve the designation they have applied for. If such is the case, the wine is accredited by ONIVINS. It is impossible to market a wine as a Vins de Pays unless it has successfully followed the procedure of accreditation.

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