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 About Us

What is Vins de Pays


When analysed, Vins de Pays wines must meet very stringent standards such as :

Total natural minimum alcohol content :
This is the natural alcohol content of the wine before enrichment. Wines from the Northern regions must have a minimum alcohol content of 9 % in volume or 10 % for wines from the Mediterranean regions. 

Sulphur dioxide :
Sulphur dioxide is commonly used in vinification, as its antiseptic properties protect the wine from alteration. The maximum permitted levels, during the accreditation, are 125 mg per litre for red wines and 150 mg per litre for white wines and rosés. This levels may be increased when there is a certain quantity of sugar in the wine ( glucose + fructose).

Volatile acidity  
During the accreditation, the permitted  level of acidity may not exceed 0.55 g per litre (0.65 g per litre for wines having finished their malolactic fermentation).

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