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The corporate website of Sopexa
Sopexa, specialist in Marketing and communication for the French food and drink sector.

The official website of French wines in United Kingdom
You can learn all about French wine : grape variety, regions of production and how to taste a wine...

The official website of French cheese in United Kingdom
Learn all about French Cheese !

Office National Interprofessionnel des Vins
Introducing the Office National Interprofessionnel des Vins (ONIVINS): all you need to know wines better (from vine to wine, wine categories, etc…)

Sopexa site.
Information on the French food-processing sector (organisation, production, fairs and events, etc..)

Site of the Syndicat des Côtes de Gascogne.
Discover the vineyards and wines of Gascony, as well as its wine growers.

Site of the Maison des Vins of the Ardèche.
Discover the region, its vineyards and wines, the Wine Trails, wine growers, etc…

Site of the Syndicat des Vins de Pays du Jardin de la France.
Introducing the region’s professional body and its wines.

Anjou Regional Tourism Board
Click on the link for all the relevant tourist information to prepare your trip to the Anjou region : weekend ideas, hotels, events, leisure activities. Let's begin the adventure with a virtual image tour of more than 500 sites, ranging from the famous Loire castles to the troglodyte houses and vineyards.